Connaught Place, New Delhi, India


March 2014


A small business that deals with the sale and servicing of typewriters. It was almost the end of the workday when I came across this gentleman as he waited outside his small shop, probably for a customer to walk-in; a customer who may never actually show up with the typewriter having become practically obsolete in this modern-day world.

Even as his Business Sign indicates contractual work being done for the Government of India, it has been a while since the government has moved over to more modernized office machinery; but then again, the sign itself seems to be long past its heydey. I guess the fact that this little workspace is housed in the heritage district of India’s national capital adds even further to the nostalgia associated with it.

As a juxtaposition of sorts, the partial sign to the left of the frame where the man’s gaze is drifting towards was actually an advertisement for a digital music company.


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